@Kawaria and @Swambi (Part 2)

After the shots in the water, we did a few more before it started raining.

Here are the results….

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I’m sorry it took so long to post these, jobo is a bit hectic at the moment.

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(I know what y’all are thinking)

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Water Sports: @Kawiria and @Swambi

On Saturday, a group of friends decided to go to Maasai Lodge to have a bit of fun.

It was actually supposed to be a shoot but we had no theme or clue whatsoever of what we wanted so we just flowed with it. Documented here-in are the results.

Today there is no gallery, just the slide-show. I’ll explain later.

My favorite form of shooting (black and white) is back in play.


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There will be two more posts from this shoot.

Keep it here.

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Beba Beba: The Album Launch

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I’ve taken forever to upload this post but finally here we are.

Still have no words to describe how awesome this concert was. Hopefully the 90 pictures in here will help.

We are still using the slide show feature but I’m trying out a new plugin so we have a gallery below. Clck on 1 pic and enjoy the rest.

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Sights of the Safaricom 7s

There is so much more I wanted to do with this post but I was a little late in applying for a media pass so I couldn’t get pitch side access.

From where I was seating this was the result.

BTW, there are quite a number of tweeps here. And a few wannabe tusker commercials.

As always, the first place holder is a slideshow.


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Ma3 the Band – Haki Yetu – feat Juliani & Dj Andre

Remember,  the Ma3 Album launch goes down on November 12th at the Goethe Institut from 7pm and they’d absolutely love if you would come out and share this momentous occasion with them.

Entry is free.