So I attended this month’s Wamathai Poetry gig although I got in a bit late. Enjoyed myself quite a bit.

The performances were quite nice.

Herein are the pics I managed to get. Again I went with Black and white with a bit of a grainy feel on some pics. Tell me what you think in the comment section below.

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In other news, this is what Kenya Paraffin Lamps and Candles reduced me to most of the weekend.

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The song is kinda old but I’m feeling it all the same.


Water Sports: @Kawiria and @Swambi

On Saturday, a group of friends decided to go to Maasai Lodge to have a bit of fun.

It was actually supposed to be a shoot but we had no theme or clue whatsoever of what we wanted so we just flowed with it. Documented here-in are the results.

Today there is no gallery, just the slide-show. I’ll explain later.

My favorite form of shooting (black and white) is back in play.


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There will be two more posts from this shoot.

Keep it here.

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All That Jazz 4: The Pictures

I love music and I love photography. I thank God that I’m able to combine the two things that I love.

That statement explains why I do a lot of concert photography.

When I was thinking of a theme for this shoot/post, I came across a Jazz album cover in black and white and seeing that this is my favourite style currently, it really intrigued me. Therefore I decided to go with that as a theme.

Check it out and please give me your feedback. It is always appreciated.

Click on the first image in the gallery and view all the pictures.

P.s: I met @jayawinjaya yesterday. Kuwa starstruck nayo? Hehehehe

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