Tunahama (tena)

Hey guys,

First of I want to thank you for the support and encouragement each and every one of you has shown by visiting this blog.

And as with all things, there comes a time when change has to occur.

I have gotten my own ka-plot somewhere on the internet. Hii mambo ya kukodi tumeacha.

Therefore from now on, all the posts will be at kevdanative.com.

Please adjust your google reader and rss feeds accordingly.

Baraka zinaendelea tu kuingia polepole.

Thanks you.

Tupatane mbele.


Be a Hero…

White walls, everything is blurry, breathing seems hard and your heart labours to push the few remaining pints of blood round your body. You are light headed, there isn’t enough oxygen in your system, there is not enough blood to carry it.

Just when you think you have gotten to a place of reprieve, the doctor utters those dreadful words:

“I am truely sorry, but we do not have sufficient blood reserves in the hospital for you.”

Your world turns cold as panicky relatives are called one by one to assist you with some of their red gold, the precious resource not much talked about, Blood.

This scene is repeated countless of times in various places all around the country. Hundreds of pints of blood are required on a daily and more often than not, the National Blood Bank reserves can not satisfy the demand.

Here is where you come in…

The Good people over at Kuna Vijana set up the Wanadamu initiative in July this year.

Within 3 months, it had attended to over 40 cases in Nairobi, Nakuru, Eldoret and Mombasa, with the database hosting people from as far as Lodwar

Kenyans have come out in large numbers to sign up for this worthy cause, but 52% of Nairobi donors have already donated, there is concern that, given the number of appeals they have attended to, a time may come when they may not have donors to dispatch when help is needed.

What is needed is more donors. To register as a donor use the information below

SMS : text 0737 712 509

Manual Registration :  Manual registration points are listed herewww.kunavijana.org/events

Details required

  1. Your name,
  2. Your contacts,
  3. Your location,
  4. Your blood group

The difference with this initiative is you will only b called upon when there is an appeal for your specific blood group. Therefore, there are no storage costs and the patient is assured of their blood type being available.

Please get as many of your friends to sign up.

You never know, the next life you save may be your own.

A letter to the 13 year old me….


Niaje mzeiya,
Yeah you guessed it. It me, I mean you, only older. Wipe that smirk off your face, we still ain’t cool. Bado you are that guy that blends into tthe crowd.
Believe me we have tried being cool. Upside is that you get to meet really cool peeps. Hint: you are on first name basis with some of your “heroes”.
Before I forget, please be kind to your brother. He looks up to you. You are his role model. Please teach him the right way. Help him to nurture his talent. It is very rare. Do all you can to make him get the best of himself out there. He is quite the cool chap. Also, in four years his position in the family will be threatened.
Don’t worry about the year you lost.  It somehow disappears from your record. Dad has his ways. And that crush you have on Charity,  it won’t materialise to anything but you learn how to treat the ladies.
Now, on to high school. You will go to a school very close to home but you will not last. Take my advice, be true to yourself. Being in the cool click does wonders for you in terms of not being bullied but it get you into a situation you would rather not be in. Another thing, you must,  at all cost, resist smoking. It is taking a hit on my budget. Cigarettes are not cheap, neither is cologne and gum to hide the smell.
You get to do alot of cool things in your life between now and now. (I know that makes no sense)
By the way, the poetry and music, keep them and work on them. Take good care of the guitar mum bought you and don’t give it out. It never comes back. You will regret not learning to play it. Believe me.
Work harder in school. Play with your strengths. The practical stuff you enjoy will offset the dwindling theory grades. On that same note, I have to warn you about one thing. Early next year, you will start suffering from a phenomena known as migraines. That will be the end of chocolates for you. However, you get a replacement for them. Its also liquid and dark.
I have already disclosed too much. I must depart. This was not part of the plan.
Remember, be true to yourself.


My playlist: Beautiful – Vivian Green

I’m back……

I usually give my post titles before I start writing the body cause then it gives me a general idea of where they are going but today I didn’t.
I have been having a serious case of writers block for the past few months. For someone who writes on more than one plattform in various capacities and under alot of synonyms,  this is not a good state to be in. Every time I have words to share on this platform,  I’m so tired that I put off writing it. By the time I have a moment, the words are gone.
As I said in the welcome post, I have had a lot of changes in the past few months. I abruptly quit my job (I’ll explain later), just a few weeks after finding myself in a situation where I had to local host after early termination of a dual contract I had going for about 2 years. Sad that it ended but truth be told such is life. Actually it has led to a better situation.
I like my new workplace,  it has a set of awesome minds and a lot of creative juices in the environment. There is a lot of positivity and I feel like I could really get my best going on there.
In collaboration with a few friends, we started an initiative that has the potential for being big. I am extremely excited about the future right about now.
Why I quit my job? It became a task, a burden. I really love radio. I think it was where I was destined to be but it became to much. For reasons known to me and those close to me, I got to a place where it was either me or the job and I chose me. For all intents and purposes, it was a blessing in disguise.
I hope this post will be the beginning of more regular posts. Today was just an attempt at getting my writing mojo back. Back to lazying around like @akenyangirl’s Silvie. The fatest (I realise that’s not a word) cat in the planet.

My playlist:- Dan Chizi Aceda – Benganology


Karibuni (Nini Hii)

Nini Hii- My Late grand dad always said this when he could not figure out the name of the object or person he was refering to.
I used this title coz i dont know how to name this post.Im not rumbling, just basic observations over the past few weeks. I havent been able to blog much seeing as to how jobo has become mad, mad, mad i tell you.
A lot has happened since I last wrote. I don’t think I want to go into it now. Things are looking up though, new beginnings both in my personal life and in matters work.
I have learnt to let go and let God. Regardless on what my thoughts are on religion as a practise are, I do believe in God.
Anyway, this was just a post to karibisha you to my new world. Chai na mandazi ziliisha nikijaribu kumake hii place hospitable so poleni. Now the next step is to buy that domain.
As a parting shot,
“The question that always drives me hazy, Am I, or the others, crazy” Albert Einstein

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So I’m scared.

For background information, I have suffered from migraines since I was 15. I have gotten to know all the signs. The aura, sudden loss of sleep (anyone who knows me will tell you that I love my sleep. I get bored for 5 minutes and it’s goodnight/day from me), loss of appetite, death of my taste buds, there is a whole wave of warning signs that come before the attacks.

Now the warning signs are already there, I’m just waiting for the attack. Guess you could equate it to an ancient village somewhere in Maasailand seeing strangers scouting out their lifestock and grazing patterns. They best be sure they would be attacked soon. Ignore the signs and soon you find yourself pillaged as wave after wave of soldiers helped themselves to every element of your sanity. If none of this makes sense I’m sorry, I’m just rumbling on and on. As I said before, I’m scared.

Every time I get on of these attacks there is a reason. Either I am constantly worried about something or there is a confrontation I’ve been avoiding and I am afraid that I can’t avoid it any longer.

I don’t deal well with frustration. Pressure I can handle. Like a well designed container, I can handle as much pressure as you can dish out so bring it on. I work my butt off in any project I get and at times it affects my relationships but its a flaw I have learnt to live with.

If I have to lose someone because I am too focused in my work then let it be. I’m never going to let anyone get in the way of me and my success. Yes, I said it. MY SUCCESS.

As I said in the beginning, I’m afraid. All the signs are there, the aura s present, my appetite is shot and I just wanna be alone most times. Monday saw me in tears as the first wave came. The people that have been there during my migraine attacks know why I’m scared. I really don’t know if I can deal with the blackouts and everything else that comes with the territory. The thing I am most concerned about is the bills. The drugs are hella expensive and in my current state of finance siwes make it.

I need to nip this in the bud before it fully blows. Its 3am in the morning and here I am writing rather than being blissfully asleep.