When i was younger, i wrote a song called Maswali. That was back when i belived my way to riches and fame would be to hit the studio and release hit after hit until i got to 30 then retire on an island sippin Iced Southern Comfort till the big man upstairs gives the final curtain call i.e revokes my Liver’s Sorry Living Licence yani recalls my soul to his manufactures garage.I digress.
As human beings,we are designed to question alot that goes on around us.Why did she put on a weave? Why cant i get her? When will i move from home? Why does my Kabambe not have Bluetooth? Kwanini chapo ni ten bob mtaa na 50bob tao? Why are toyotas kenya uniform? Why do i waste my money buying a hangover? Swear ill never do it again and 4 days later im cursing the gods of Ruaraka? Im sure u get my drift by now.
Questions are a dime a dozen. (wish beers were but again I digress.) Getting someone to answer your questions is close to immposible. Maybe we should get Tom Cruise to help us seeing as to how he is the king of Mission Impossibles but again, naenda Kibera through Ngara. (got tired of saying i digress.)
Now when i started writing this post, it was my intention to protest about some stuff thats been going on in my life. Then i took a walk around town conducting some biashara and i realised that i dont have it bad at all. I may not be making as much money as i want to but hey, i can swing a kaloose Nando’s once in a while without chongaing viazi. I may not be driving around in a Range Sport Supercharged 2010 but i aint walking home coz the fare ill have to pay may just make the difference between an empty stomach or some ugali wembe na skumz. I may not have an IPhone 4 but naweza tweet mafans wa me when safaricom doesnt decide that they need my credit more than i do.
Im not saying I am content with where i am. I actually gotta make much more progress in this so called life. However, you gotta look around once in a while and realise that although you might not be the richest wo/man   on earth, you have an expanse of immaterial wealth that many crave to have. Your education, your job, your folks and family, your better/other half (terms and conditions apply) all this things you should not take for granted.

This lyf that we living,

full of hate n lies,

every step of the way,

when we walk thru the day,

the say lyf is a journey,

but where does it end,

is there any way to see whats beyond that bend,

acquaintances so many,

but are they really friends,

or are they only hia coz u the new trend,

sneakers n speakers they all come to pass,

bt we stil spend alot when their tenure lasts,

its all a facade,it will neva last,

why do we 4get what we learn so fast,

we always get the road that we choose to use or abuse,

its a choice to be what u are.



Silent Thunder

Its amazin how u dnt know what u have until u lose it,
always want what you cant lay your hands on,
feel like life is always against you
when the truth is we the once against life.
Its hard to look into the face of a loved one 
when you dont have the guts to tellem how you feel son.
Its clear we all have a sense of fear 
and what we fear mayb far or very near.
We all afraid of takin risks 
but the biggest risk is the life we live every day.
Every step of the way,
every dawn of the day.
live life as if its ua last day.

…Broken is what I am..

As i sit and consider who i am,
the things i go thru every day,
broken is what i am,
when i consider my country,
its lost potential,
broken is what i am,
when i see what people consider fun,
what they consider a good time,
broken is what i am,
broken because i love my country,
broken because im afraid for our generation,
broken cause we might lose our country to a bunch of psycophants whose only interest is their own wellbeing,
broken because i might lose all that i cherish,adore,all that I love

Just another piece

The next few posts will just be short poetic pieces i wrote in times of distress.The only way i know of expressing how i actually feel is writing so forgive me if they seem whiney or soppy.This is a sneak peak of whats inside this journalist-to-be.

Feels like shards of glass forced thru my veins,

tons of love into icy rain,
the pain is just beginnin but i need it to end,
coz everybody knows i dnt do this well,
light at the end clearly a fascade,
no rolling fields with grass,
just barbed wires and shards,
no honey and flowers,
lost love,my hawa,
as tears burn down my skin,
no it cant be like this,
but i gotta let it be,
gotta love her than me,
im a grown man,il survive,
just push myself and grind,
they say if truely u do love,
then u gotta let go but once,
if it comes back then be,
if it doesnt then see,
it was not meant to be,
laws from the powers that be,
so hurt as i may be,
so hard as it may seem,
gotta summon my energy,
no love songs for me,
guess the lesson here is that lovejust aint for me.

Moment of clarity

Chilling on my bed,
pretence of getting rest,
but that’s a lie,
coz eyes wide open i lie,
images run past my eyes,
both fantasy and reality,
combined they make for a sweet realism,
realising every man needs a corner stone,
every man needs his rib,
every man needs his eve,
hidden under the false beauty of a weave,
layers of makeup to disguise her genetical make up,
a diamond in the rough,
hidden in mounds of dust,
trust humanity to show her in her beauty she can’t trust,
pure lust in the veins,
all the trust in the drains,
we all blinded with veils,
so like a train on its rails,
we are guided by tracks,
the unknown left to chance,
known thoughts welcome,
new trends should never come,
we learn about conformity,
before we even talk you see,
we should talk from our hearts,
let the mind pick out words,
coz alternately we bound to miss on too much,
while life is a short journey only travelled once,
The longest thing you’ll ever do is live.