Tunahama (tena)

Hey guys,

First of I want to thank you for the support and encouragement each and every one of you has shown by visiting this blog.

And as with all things, there comes a time when change has to occur.

I have gotten my own ka-plot somewhere on the internet. Hii mambo ya kukodi tumeacha.

Therefore from now on, all the posts will be at kevdanative.com.

Please adjust your google reader and rss feeds accordingly.

Baraka zinaendelea tu kuingia polepole.

Thanks you.

Tupatane mbele.



So I attended this month’s Wamathai Poetry gig although I got in a bit late. Enjoyed myself quite a bit.

The performances were quite nice.

Herein are the pics I managed to get. Again I went with Black and white with a bit of a grainy feel on some pics. Tell me what you think in the comment section below.

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In other news, this is what Kenya Paraffin Lamps and Candles reduced me to most of the weekend.

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The song is kinda old but I’m feeling it all the same.

Beba Beba: The Album Launch

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I’ve taken forever to upload this post but finally here we are.

Still have no words to describe how awesome this concert was. Hopefully the 90 pictures in here will help.

We are still using the slide show feature but I’m trying out a new plugin so we have a gallery below. Clck on 1 pic and enjoy the rest.

Enjoy and don’t forget to comment and share.



Sights of the Safaricom 7s

There is so much more I wanted to do with this post but I was a little late in applying for a media pass so I couldn’t get pitch side access.

From where I was seating this was the result.

BTW, there are quite a number of tweeps here. And a few wannabe tusker commercials.

As always, the first place holder is a slideshow.


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Ma3 the Band – Haki Yetu – feat Juliani & Dj Andre

Remember,  the Ma3 Album launch goes down on November 12th at the Goethe Institut from 7pm and they’d absolutely love if you would come out and share this momentous occasion with them.

Entry is free.

All That Jazz 4: The Pictures

I love music and I love photography. I thank God that I’m able to combine the two things that I love.

That statement explains why I do a lot of concert photography.

When I was thinking of a theme for this shoot/post, I came across a Jazz album cover in black and white and seeing that this is my favourite style currently, it really intrigued me. Therefore I decided to go with that as a theme.

Check it out and please give me your feedback. It is always appreciated.

Click on the first image in the gallery and view all the pictures.

P.s: I met @jayawinjaya yesterday. Kuwa starstruck nayo? Hehehehe

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Kinanda Arts Fest 9: The pictures


Yesterday was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. It was the return of the Kinanda Arts Fest after a one month hiatus.

A big thank you to everyone who showed up from #TeamKinanda.

Also for everyone who took time to stop by the #Wanadamu desk and sign up. Now enough of the rumbling, lets move to the pictures.

P.s:- The first set of pics is a slide show.

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Lyra Ooko – Sioni

End Month = Time to unwind

It’s time for my favourite gig of the month. The Kinanda Arts Festival is back and this this time it’s better because it has moved to a new venue. Come, lets hang out on sunday.
After taking a month off ,  Kinanda festival is back with the 9th edition. The Nairobi Kinanda Arts Festival is a monthly Arts extravaganza of music, poetry, visual art, creative writing, spoken word, film and street art offerings. It all happens over one Sunday afternoon at the end of each month.
The October edition marks the our move to an exciting new space exactly 650M  from Kifaru Gardens [our old venue]
Though we really loved it at Kifaru, it was evident we would soon have to move as more and more people have gotten to know about us . We listened to you, and have found a place that is more convenient, that has enough space for you, your family and your friends’ friends’…. and has even better parking.[no more parking on the road!]Our plan is still to keep making every edition of Kinanda memorable and exciting, for you.
What: Kinanda Fest9
Which is: A Monthly Arts Extravaganza
Where : KARI [ Kenya Agricultural Research Institute – Waiyaki Way
[From Westlands: Get on to, Waiyaki Way,  KARI is directly opposite the bus-top at the junction of Waiyaki Way and James Gichuru Rd.]
[From Kangemi: KARI  is the second Gate to your left, immediately after Nairobi School]
Date: Sunday 30th October
Time: 2.pm pm-6.45pm!
Cost : Adults   – 250/=
             Children- 50/=
Music by:
Christine Kamau
Poetry by:
Black Skillz
Gallery with :
James Quest
All this plus you usual mix of great artsy vendors, great company
More Info:
              twirra: @kinandaArtsfest
              FaceBook: Nairobi Kinanda Arts Festival
Advance tickets: 0728306630
Now playing: Ma3 the Band – Beba Beba