I’m coming home

Before you go all ballistic on me for quoting Nameless, let me explain.

Last week, I took an unplanned trip to my folks house. Now my folks live on the hills to the south of Nairobi. Huko past the Kwaheri Nairobi sign. In a land where @Ngendo87 (who was kind enough to give me a ride) is mayor on foursquare.

I had the camera with me and decided to document the drive home.

I will hereby share the results with you. The drive back to Nairobi shall be documented on another post.

As is the norm nowadays, most of the pictures are in Black and White. I think I will stick to this as my style for now. As always, your comments and subscriptions are highly values and encouraged.

Enjoy the slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My playlist:

Nameless – Coming Home (just to be cliche, lol)


16 responses to “I’m coming home

  1. Turns out the cliche works. I like the effect of the audio, and your black & white definitely works. I like the Changez bus too, kind of unintentionally [?] symbolic in the whole ‘coming home’ thing, no? Nice!

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