Smiles Unlimited – @IamCousCous

Hello friends,

I have had this post pending for a while and I thought it fit to have it as the first photograph post in my new home.

Allow me to introduce Elsie Wandera also known as @iamcouscous.

I really don’t know where to start in describing Elsie. Cool, calm and collected Elsie. Quite stylish too. (Note the Gucci frames).

She has one of those I amΒ competingΒ – with – the – sun – and – winning smiles. Her personality matches the smile. Best believe.

She is always bursting with radiance and positivity. Pretty cool person to have around you. Believe me.

Hope y’all enjoyed meeting Elsie.

P.s – There was no post processing on this photos. Yes gentlemen…..hehehe

Before I leave, she is also a brilliant writer. She has a way with words. Don’t believe me, then head on to her blogΒ and find out for yourself.

That is all for today. Keep it here for more posts.

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