A letter to the 13 year old me….


Niaje mzeiya,
Yeah you guessed it. It me, I mean you, only older. Wipe that smirk off your face, we still ain’t cool. Bado you are that guy that blends into tthe crowd.
Believe me we have tried being cool. Upside is that you get to meet really cool peeps. Hint: you are on first name basis with some of your “heroes”.
Before I forget, please be kind to your brother. He looks up to you. You are his role model. Please teach him the right way. Help him to nurture his talent. It is very rare. Do all you can to make him get the best of himself out there. He is quite the cool chap. Also, in four years his position in the family will be threatened.
Don’t worry about the year you lost.  It somehow disappears from your record. Dad has his ways. And that crush you have on Charity,  it won’t materialise to anything but you learn how to treat the ladies.
Now, on to high school. You will go to a school very close to home but you will not last. Take my advice, be true to yourself. Being in the cool click does wonders for you in terms of not being bullied but it get you into a situation you would rather not be in. Another thing, you must,  at all cost, resist smoking. It is taking a hit on my budget. Cigarettes are not cheap, neither is cologne and gum to hide the smell.
You get to do alot of cool things in your life between now and now. (I know that makes no sense)
By the way, the poetry and music, keep them and work on them. Take good care of the guitar mum bought you and don’t give it out. It never comes back. You will regret not learning to play it. Believe me.
Work harder in school. Play with your strengths. The practical stuff you enjoy will offset the dwindling theory grades. On that same note, I have to warn you about one thing. Early next year, you will start suffering from a phenomena known as migraines. That will be the end of chocolates for you. However, you get a replacement for them. Its also liquid and dark.
I have already disclosed too much. I must depart. This was not part of the plan.
Remember, be true to yourself.


My playlist: Beautiful – Vivian Green


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