I’m back……

I usually give my post titles before I start writing the body cause then it gives me a general idea of where they are going but today I didn’t.
I have been having a serious case of writers block for the past few months. For someone who writes on more than one plattform in various capacities and under alot of synonyms,  this is not a good state to be in. Every time I have words to share on this platform,  I’m so tired that I put off writing it. By the time I have a moment, the words are gone.
As I said in the welcome post, I have had a lot of changes in the past few months. I abruptly quit my job (I’ll explain later), just a few weeks after finding myself in a situation where I had to local host after early termination of a dual contract I had going for about 2 years. Sad that it ended but truth be told such is life. Actually it has led to a better situation.
I like my new workplace,  it has a set of awesome minds and a lot of creative juices in the environment. There is a lot of positivity and I feel like I could really get my best going on there.
In collaboration with a few friends, we started an initiative that has the potential for being big. I am extremely excited about the future right about now.
Why I quit my job? It became a task, a burden. I really love radio. I think it was where I was destined to be but it became to much. For reasons known to me and those close to me, I got to a place where it was either me or the job and I chose me. For all intents and purposes, it was a blessing in disguise.
I hope this post will be the beginning of more regular posts. Today was just an attempt at getting my writing mojo back. Back to lazying around like @akenyangirl’s Silvie. The fatest (I realise that’s not a word) cat in the planet.

My playlist:- Dan Chizi Aceda – Benganology



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