Karibuni (Nini Hii)

Nini Hii- My Late grand dad always said this when he could not figure out the name of the object or person he was refering to.
I used this title coz i dont know how to name this post.Im not rumbling, just basic observations over the past few weeks. I havent been able to blog much seeing as to how jobo has become mad, mad, mad i tell you.
A lot has happened since I last wrote. I don’t think I want to go into it now. Things are looking up though, new beginnings both in my personal life and in matters work.
I have learnt to let go and let God. Regardless on what my thoughts are on religion as a practise are, I do believe in God.
Anyway, this was just a post to karibisha you to my new world. Chai na mandazi ziliisha nikijaribu kumake hii place hospitable so poleni. Now the next step is to buy that domain.
As a parting shot,
“The question that always drives me hazy, Am I, or the others, crazy” Albert Einstein


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