Open Happiness – Msupastar

No, this has nothing to do with a certain soft drink brand.
First, I need to apologize for being away for so long, It’s a long story. I will explain (sooner or later)
Back to the matters at hand. I had a chance to go to an incredible ranch in Nyeri over the weekend. Thanks to Mr. Albie, I had an awesome camera (Nikon D90) to shoot with. Of course the subjects were available. A good percentage of the shots I took were a spur of the moment thing.

My first subject will be Ms. Nanjira (known to mere mortals as Msupastar.) Without further ado, please welcome Nanjira.

A lot of thanks to Bobby and Nonie for guest appearing in this post.

Next in the Open Happiness series will be @NonieMg.

Thanks for passing by and please don’t be shy to comment.


2 responses to “Open Happiness – Msupastar

  1. Its either the photographer z really good or the camera z sharpest or the photographer was inspired. Wich is it??good work kevin

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