All I see is changes …

I’ve been having a really bad case of writers’block lately. Kinda tried to cover for it using photography posts but the guilt of not having a proper KevDaNative post up has been eating at me mad. Everyone has a time in their life where self realisation hits them hard. The last few weeks (about 2 months or so) have seen major and minor changes in my life.
The biggest of these changes must be moving. I took the bold step of moving from my former domicile in the Royal Suburbs also known as Roysambu huko Thika Road to a more user-friendly address in the vicinity of this colossal microwave oven we call the city in the sun.
Culture shock is a very bad thing man. From surviving on 50 bob meals to living in an area where Pizza Inn and Steers actually deliver, wololo. You see,I’m a country boy. (Pick your jaw off the ground). I was brought up huko #NgongKeren (where the beautiful @Ngendo87 is mayor of everything on foursquare). I was used to waking up to birds chirping away their happy songs as leaves rustle in the morning breeze and blades of dewy grass shimmer in the reflected rays of the sun.
Now take that same individual and transfer him to a dusty locale where neighbours bedrock all night and play loud Kigosho (mediamk, 2010) all day. Throw in total lack of privacy and his mind goes into total disarray. Now season the madness with a generous sprinkling of matatu madness and horns louder than those of the fabled apocalypse and you have an individual ripping out his already retiring hair. (Speaking of Apocalypse, hamja hama bado? Si I thought dunia ilikuwa inawrap up on sato?)
The final straw, however, was broken by me switching jobs sometime late last year. Be sure that waking up at 4.30 every morning just to be a fixture in a jav stuck in the endless traffic caused by the chinese magicians that cause roads to change direction in the stroke of a tractor’s piston is not easy.
Then comes the new crib with new experiences like having a housemate. I’ve not had a housemate since 2008 and that particular experience was not exactly worth writing home about. Luckily, my housemate is someone that thinks on the same wavelength as I do. Without sounding suspect, he is one of a very limited number of people that gets my not so normal jokes. Anyway, it should be aiight.
Second is the increased cost. Moving nearer to tao comes with the burden of high rent prices aka kulipia mtu mwingine mortgage as my mother would say. But good things come at a cost, no?
These change came with its own mini battles that I have to deal with everyday. Anyway, the reason I started writing this post is cause I have grown tired of being taken advantage of. Watch this blog. I might just let it all go…

On my playlist –
Dreaming Out Loud – One Republic
Sick and Tired – Anthony Hamilton


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