1000 words

 Last Saturday was my niece’s baptism, she was finally crossing to the Christian side after thousands of seconds of her being an ordinary binadamu. I’m that guy who always has a kaloose point-and-shoot camera at events. I think i might also have stumbled through a course or two on photography in campus. Anyway, in my infinite wisdom, I decided to give my niece a baptism gift. I vowed to document the moments of this defining step in her life. Armed with an entry level SLR, I dragged @weka-tyre to St Francis Church in Karen for the ceremony. (The afore named hooligan is actually quite handy with a motion camera by the way.) Below are a few random shots that i got. (The stamp was just peer pressure, LOL.)

The Chief Guest: Grace Noelle Wanja

I think My favourite pic of the whole shoot. Lucky shoot!

My Cousin and her son, Kamuiru.

Can i touch? 

The transition Mark.

P.S: – A mighty thanks to @Buggz79 (Ya 80 ilienda wapi?) for that reality smack that made me put this post up.


2 responses to “1000 words

  1. I love the parent-child pics (3,&4) and the one of the water in the priest's hand.

    And now if you had a better camera, si you'd have even greater shots? 🙂

    Good job overall.

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