Techie piece

I found this post languishing in the dark side of my comp and though its a bit (4 months) late, I’ll put it up.

I guess I have to introduce a new side of me, I’m a technology junkie. Everything that has taken some sort of science to develop intrigues me. From cars to phones and computers, I spend hours on the net just checking out what’s new. I’m a junkie for Discovery Channel and the perfect way to spend my Sunday is Discovery Channel, a mountain of food, black coffee and Twitter. Put my feet up and I’m ready for a bum-fest (that sounds wrong) day of lazing away (much better). I opted to be (study?) a journalist instead of the much favored (by my parents anyway) engineering. I love words, writing and/or reading is a very good way of relaxing. It also helps when you want to vent.

As much as I don’t understand the intricate details of stuff (torque?), I’ll be taking you through what I think is hot or interesting from time to time.

So I’m finally getting round to writing this piece. Things have been a bit hectic the last few weeks, after Christmas and its hang-ups/down/over’s came new years with new resolutions to break and aspirations to not achieve (we all know the drift). No sooner had my head cleared from the cloud of resolution (and wine) hangover than it was time to go back to work.

Anyway, this post is not to talk about my woes but to check out what’s happening in the world of technology. The world is moving at a ridiculously fast pace; I vividly remember walking to them sides of downtown/bunduz to go to a cyber that was charging 2 bob a minute of use for an internet connection that was slower than a dehydrated snail going through a salt field. Fast forward to yesterday when I downloaded an episode of Big Bang Theory in under an hour ON MY PHONE. Mind you I am not that old, I haven’t really gotten to halftime in this game called life (That is if you consider full time to be 60 years).

At the pace at which gadgets are evolving, from telephony to transportation, blink and you will find yourself wallowing in the miasma of shadiness (always wanted to say that). Who knew you could open a door with no keys or that you could communicate with someone halfway across the world with no cables.

Remember the days when you had to be in the house by a certain time because someone had said they would call you at that specified time, or when your neighbors filled up your house denying you the pleasure of watching your favorite programme with your feet up with the excuse that their son/daughter/mother/father was calling them from “abroad”?

Now you walk around with a small gadget (they have reduced in size through the years, from brick size to minute the current get-lost-in-your-purse size we treasure today) in your purse/pocket and unguardedly lie that you are around the corner yet you haven’t even showered.

Whether life has become easier, more convenient or more immoral due to technology is up to debate. Hate it or love it, change is here and it is not going anywhere. Shelf your plans of writing that missive and posting it at the post office (Did I hear someone ask what those are?) and type out an email instead. You will even be preserving the environment.


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