Music is what feelings sound like

This was supposed to be last weeks post but then i had something more urgent to write about. Consequently, i may have forgotten half of the things I had planned to say. I’m going to wing it anyway. (Advantages of being your own editor)

I have always had a thing for music. Actually, some of my earliest memories (have you ever sat and tried to recall your earliest memory?) are of me sitting on my dad’s lap listening to Abba croon from an LP. I still have mountains of original LP’s stacked in a corner at my folks house, an early inheritance from my dad. I can still hear my dad’s stern voice warning me to stop when i tried to pull back the LP as i had seen on videos a few years later.

A good chunk of my childhood found my family living in suburban Nairobi – those neighborhoods where your nearest neighbor is a car/bike ride away – and therefore i did not have a lot of age mates to play with. A whole lot of  playtime was spent arranging buckets into a makeshift drum set and trying to replicate the crazy drumming i had seen in my mother’s Ron Kenoly’s videos.

As i grew up, my interest switch to the actual transmission of sound. My sole occupation was taking apart old radio sets and car stereos to salvage parts. In no time i had a 6 speaker system powered by a Sony walk-man and an amplifier salvaged from one of my dad’s matatus attached to my bed.  Many are the times my mum would storm into my room to complain about the music. She would embark on a search of the room and end up with nothing as all the speakers were tacked to the bottom of the bed.

The number of LP’s destroyed by a young Kevin trying to scratch albeit with the wrong stylus can not be counted. This maybe due to the fact that they were broken into pieces and and melted inside a tin just so my father would never find out. Better a missing LP than a scratched LP. Believe me.

Fast foward through thousands of minutes of badly timed songs recorded onto tapes from the radio, Dan Oloo on Metro Fm, Sean Cardovilis on Saturday Music and Sport on 98.4 Capital Fm, Muthoni Bwika on Nation Fm to the “grown up” music listening me and things have changed. You might say I’ve grown in my taste in music.

From dancing to lingala at KICC as a child (my dad has the pic till this very day) to not knowing how to dance now, things have changed. Have i mentioned i used to be a DJ? Yeah, believe it or not i was. The one thing that has always been a constant is music.

Every memory in my mind is associated with one song or another. I use it as my means of association. I can’t attempt to study or work without music playing. My laptop has over 100 GB of music, the PC even more. Lets not even go to the amounts burned onto CD / DVD.

Music is the tonic that dilutes the Bitter whiskey that life hands me in the name of experiences. Through heartbreaks with their theme songs to happy times. From when i need to be mellow and work, to when i need to be hyper and party. Every situation has a soundtrack that matches. Music and I were meant to be.

Of late i have become a concert groupie. Live music does it for me (and no Mr. Rapper-with-my-big-brother’s-pants-and-shades-on-at-night, singing along to playback is not live music. If i wanted to listen to a cd i would have stayed at home).

In the end, i respect individuals that strive to keep music alive. To the few that I’ve met, to the many that i admire from a distance, please know your efforts are appreciated in a big way.

Now playing:- Ceelo Green – Bright Lights, Bigger City (Awesome arrangement)



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