Kuchoka Nayo?

First i got to apologize for deserting this forum. (Had to make it sound all important) I use this avenue as my ranting board, i use it to express my feelings, to convey my emotions or just to talk.

Now the title above is derived from my pal who says it all the time. Its kinda of his way to show that he is tired. I’ve used this title to convey how tired i am of some situations in my life.
I had an interesting chat with my dad the other day. My family is unique in that we are more of a rowdy group of individuals bundled together than your conventional family with a Father Almighty who has everyone at his beck and call.

Now my dad is a man who is used to having his way, N O to him are just two letters like in the beginning of NOnsense but not stand alone words. Unfortunately, these particular genes were passed down the line to me. (Id much rather have these genes than his 200 year old stone wash Jeans, i digress).

(Back to the discussion)
The very essence of his discussion was that he wanted me to take some help from him that i adamantly refused.

Clearly he was not very pleased at this stance, but i will not be shaken and for good reason.
I grew up in a society where our parents were not so badly off. Naturally their friends were on the same level of sorts. Anything we ever required was provided in plenty, we were brought up in good neighborhoods, you know….the works.

This comfort got into the heads of my peers. They would harass the help, waste resources cause they were in abundance and succha rike activities. I remember an incident where a pal’s car absconded its duties due to lack of much needed nutrition (read: it was not fueled) yet he was drunker than a sailor at a rum distillery. With no shame or remorse whatsoever, he took his pda out (yes, it was back when smartphones were called PDAs) and proceeded to call his mother. Now the most shocking part is this lady that i respect went out of her way to send their driver with a secondary car and enough money to cause liver damage to a small army.
I swore that i would never go down that road. I will not be the kid/young man/leader-of-tomorrow who always runs back to the nest when things are looking a bit hazy.

Mattress Account

One of the few parts of the bible that makes sense to me *Evades stones, dodges a rungu, hides* let me explain, all good? *reappears*, is the parable of the three workers that were given equal stacks by their boss-man as he was going for safari. Now one dude wekad it mattress account and forgot that vibe. The second guy was kiasi mjanja and pulled some biashara on the sides for some extra stacks. Msee wa mwisho (always imagined this was an ancestor of @alykhansatchu) chezad tricks till he doubled the stack. When their Boss-man tokad the voyage/likizo nininini, he hollad at em peeps and itishad his stack back. The guy for mattress account was nyanganywad the stack while the other two were rewarded.

Now before ya’ll start dozing off, this is not a sermon. I just wanna show the relevance of that story in my life.
Your ambition is what drives you. Not your parents success, not the school you went to, not how many people you know or that know you, its just your drive.

If you are gonna sit back and look pretty waiting for a miracle to drop on your lap, you will be there till the hair on your head litters the very same lap. Thats why i did not take my father’s help. I won’t be the 30 year old living at his folks place, i won’t be the 28 year old getting pocket money from Mummy, i will be me. No matte who that me is..

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P.S- Ill try blog more often.


7 responses to “Kuchoka Nayo?

  1. Well, me personally, I shall be sitting back and looking pretty..coz that's what models do! Lol, but rest assured the grind tuko inside like Kenyans under a shaded bus stop evading the rain. Rise and grind! 😀

    PS. If JC was dealing with Kyuks, that besha would have become a bosho farm with simu ya jamii, key cutter and nhairtel sold here! Lol 😛

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