Sparks in the club – Reminising my younger days.

This is an episode of KevDaNative’s life that happened quite a few years back. Back when Zain was still Kencell and the closest i could get to a house i could call my own was the SQ i shared with the family trash or as my mum likes to call them, ‘Treasured Family Momentos”. I found it bumming somewhere on my Facebook page so i thought its only right that i share.
…Its a kawaida sato only that I’m at da club.As i said its a kawa sato.The club is kickin’ wit a crazy DJ and a band interchanging every hour or so.We got seats @ the lounge upstairs so that we culd watch the ladies gyrate their hips n move their bodies 2 the rhythm of the beat while sipping on some of Ruaraka’s finest.The drink that white men associate more with this fair land than the Maasai and the big 5.Then i saw her.Light skinned with long,silky jet black hair.She was with her pals conversing animatedly.I culdn take my eyes of her.So cute with a body 2 die 4.All other senses were shut off as i admired her.Her eyes,her smile!She sure had me done.It was as though that little naked bastard shot me right through my heart.Then she turned n caught my eye,flashing that beautiful smile at me.So inviting,so sensual that i couldn’t resist.I had 2 talk 2 her,had 2.I called the waiter and sent over a drink.She smiled and waved.I walked over and said hi,giving a customary corny line or 2.We get a separate table from her flock of farasi haired friends.I needed to cull her from her brood lest they decide i had become the proud sponsor of their “nget-tongether”. We sit and chat about everything and nothing at all.Time passes by n i realise that my beer has gotten warm in my hands.She got me so enchanted that i couldn’t see anything other than her.The world becomes a noisy distraction as i concentrate on the work of art perched on a chair next to me.She was more than art,she was pure perfection.She asked me to dance and i readily accepted though it was a well known fact that i had 2 n a half left feet.She made me glide on auto pilot.We danced on n on while joking and laughing about how bad we both generally were.It seemed as though dawn came in da wink of an eye.In no time at all we had to go our separate ways but none of us had the will power to let go.We had only known each other for a few hours but it seemed like we had been together for a lifetime.She had no car so i offered to drop her home.As we shared that first kiss outside her gate,i knew that i had to see her again and see her again i shall.I got to,i need to.Ill make sure i do…

3 responses to “Sparks in the club – Reminising my younger days.

  1. Hehe, Sloshed Earth technique followed by Divide & Conquer… Otto von Bismark would be proud!

    Now, Native, ati you dropped her where? Be sure, bwana! Me thinks there's bits of this story missing…

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