Just another piece

The next few posts will just be short poetic pieces i wrote in times of distress.The only way i know of expressing how i actually feel is writing so forgive me if they seem whiney or soppy.This is a sneak peak of whats inside this journalist-to-be.

Feels like shards of glass forced thru my veins,

tons of love into icy rain,
the pain is just beginnin but i need it to end,
coz everybody knows i dnt do this well,
light at the end clearly a fascade,
no rolling fields with grass,
just barbed wires and shards,
no honey and flowers,
lost love,my hawa,
as tears burn down my skin,
no it cant be like this,
but i gotta let it be,
gotta love her than me,
im a grown man,il survive,
just push myself and grind,
they say if truely u do love,
then u gotta let go but once,
if it comes back then be,
if it doesnt then see,
it was not meant to be,
laws from the powers that be,
so hurt as i may be,
so hard as it may seem,
gotta summon my energy,
no love songs for me,
guess the lesson here is that lovejust aint for me.


3 responses to “Just another piece

  1. Im torn. With all youre good looks 😉 such poetry is not for you. But the expression! Its so beautiful, I wanna read more of it 😀 Love is for us all, never worry, all it takes is an instant!

  2. i think of you the man and this piece saddens me…then i think of you the writer n i love…love the words…love the rawness of the emotions…love it all!

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