A year older, not necessarily wiser.

Saturday started out wierd.First i didnt have to wake up at cock’s crow (no pun intended). For the fisrt time in Jesus knows how long, i didnt have to work. Then my father wakes me up at 11am and proceeds to take me to the local for nyama and drinks. Good conversation was had with the man that i havent really been close to for a very long time.
Its amazing what can happen when you decide to let bygones be bygones and when you realize that other peoples actions should not necessarily affect your life. But i digress.
Back to the crib at four with a serious buzz going on. After a quick nap and a shower as i awaited my brother to bring back the car,(He had to see one of his many girlfriends, interesting what an afro and charm can do for a brother) i headed out to see what the birthday had in store for this mid twenties man.
After a kaquick meal with a close pal, it was time for the assault on my liver orchestrated by one @Ndedason.
(Sidenote: Kwani what happened to Mwenda’s and Habesha? The two joints had a combined total of twelve people. Clearly Nairobi moves on fast.)
i patanad with @Ndedason at Habesha looking very distressed (probably cause he was alone at the counter), had a quick beer and headed out to the ultimate clande hiding pub in the vicinity of Yaya Center. At Kifaru, (Dont worry,you’ll never find it unless directed) we found @madnjomz @machored and @Rottoh. (Kwanza @madnjomz and @Rottoh cant give directilons to save their lives)
Kifaru has a really cool setting, exclusive with like five tables set next to the pool. Here we proceeded to have a few beers as @Rottoh came through with a truck load of beauties. Calls started coming through as the rest of the peeps arived at Habesha.
A quick dash back to the city hooked us up with Hellboy, @5starstulla and the gorgeous @russianqueen. My liver suffered another blow as shots of vodka came though fast and heavy. Our usual adventurous selves decided to head out to K1 where my boy Barry’s sister was celebrating her birthday complete with cake.
K1 turned out to be where my night ended.@Ndedason and company struck with shots of Southern Comfort and Vodka. Mwisho wa mawazo. Just as the liquor was taking effect, a call came in from the one @ch1ps_beba, Tony and @jewlz_b to pick em  up in Muthaiga. Me and my drunk self quickly jumped into the three pronged star and in the company on @ndedason and @madnjomz decided to pick them up.This was not to be.My last memory of the night was stopping opposite the Getrudes Hospital and changing places with @madnjomz. Next thing i remember is waking up at 4.30am in a parking lot in Westlands in the backseat cold as a mother_____. After getting Hellboy from Psys Westie i dashed to the hills in the south of Nairobi to rest my tattered liver.Bad rumor that turned out to be. To cut a long story short, i spent my sunday stunners on at a family thanksgiving services in ocha, body crying out in anguish, cursing the day i discovered alcohol.
All in all it was an awesome night, what i can remember anyway. Someone please remind me never to tell this niggers when my birthday is again.


3 responses to “A year older, not necessarily wiser.

  1. Si now when u decide to entrust youre liver to these characters, there is only one outcome,lol! 😀 Im glad you had a great time, it really reads like you did! As always youre able to put us the reader smack in the middle of the story! 🙂

  2. @Thogi Now i know better (Yeah right) and Tony didnt get to do his destruction. A gift would not be too bad, right?

    @Adelle You should have seen the looks i was getting.

    Thanks for the comments ladies.

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