Moment of clarity

Chilling on my bed,
pretence of getting rest,
but that’s a lie,
coz eyes wide open i lie,
images run past my eyes,
both fantasy and reality,
combined they make for a sweet realism,
realising every man needs a corner stone,
every man needs his rib,
every man needs his eve,
hidden under the false beauty of a weave,
layers of makeup to disguise her genetical make up,
a diamond in the rough,
hidden in mounds of dust,
trust humanity to show her in her beauty she can’t trust,
pure lust in the veins,
all the trust in the drains,
we all blinded with veils,
so like a train on its rails,
we are guided by tracks,
the unknown left to chance,
known thoughts welcome,
new trends should never come,
we learn about conformity,
before we even talk you see,
we should talk from our hearts,
let the mind pick out words,
coz alternately we bound to miss on too much,
while life is a short journey only travelled once,
The longest thing you’ll ever do is live.


One response to “Moment of clarity

  1. Wololo!! So many emotions in one poem!!! I honestly have not read a poem that arouses so much in just one poem! This is brilliant. In my laymanness, I think its really great! 😀 And very apt 🙂 Cheers!

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