Stupid Kenyan Complacency

As i write this post niko na chuki chungu nzima. Im supposed to be registering for courses for my last semester in that school on the dusty highway called Thicker sorry Thika road. Even after coming here at 11 in the hopes of getting everything sorted by 1pm nothing has been worked out (4 and a half hours later). Somehow, I mysteriously have a financial hold barring me from registering. This is after confirming that they received my payment on a certain date last semester. The bloody wanker has the balls to tell me that the system shows that there is a balance but he cant trace it. Now im waiting for the finance manager controller suck-your-whatever his face is and the summofa_____ is nowhere to be found. “Ati alisema ameenda chai”. Quote from the bloody secretary who first of all had the balls to rob a poor bird its nest and put it on her head. (For real, hata kama ni weave) Surely, hata kama majani ya chai ilikuwa inachunwa saa hiyo, it would have dried and be a good cup of tea by now. Why are service providers that complacent when it comes to serving the very people who ensure that they are in business. Its not a bloody favor im asking you. Its my right as a person whose using their hard earned money in your sorry ass excuse for an institution. Who are you to keep me waiting?
On the same note some chick I know came to process her refund today. Response from the finance office, “Angalia account yako October”. SMDH

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One response to “Stupid Kenyan Complacency

  1. the balls to rob a poor bird its nest and put it on her head…#dead.looks like public institutions and private ones don't differ that much afterall.SMDH too

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