Memoirs from Zanzibar

13th July 2010 10:10pm

My first night in Zanzibar and i am amazed. If fairy tales are real then this is the place that they are manufactured. It’s like stepping into a fantasy world where no troubles exist, where life makes sense, where the pleasures of life, the small things we take for granted are so special. I only wish that Joy was here. I would give anything to see the sun reflect in her eyes as it descends into the depths of the deep blue sea. To hear her laugh compete with the soft crashing of the waves against the soft sand of the beach, to see the local boys try to outdo each other diving into the sea to catch her attention. Only she could match the beauty of this place. I got to work extra hard when i get back home. I got to bring her here, not by that rickety old ferry but by air coz she deserves the best of everything the world has to offer. The rest of the peeps are bugging me to chill with them so i got to go. ttyl

14th July 2010 7:00am

Woke up a little early today. Guess im still pumped up with excitement. Thinking of going for a little stroll through the town seeing as no one else is awake. I miss waking up next to Joy, one and a half weeks can’t kill us right? Still major bummed that i did not see her before we left. Gotta go for that walk now.

14th July 2010 1:19 pm
My morning walk taught me something about this place, people here don’t wake up early for nothing. Nothing was open before 10am other than the local post office. Anyway, sitting here enjoying a cold beer in the middle of the Indian Ocean is just a beautiful experience. Enjoying ‘Dinner’ from the vendors at Forodhani Park where the whole town gathers to eat the wide variety of sea food to having an icecream cone as the white clean sand caresses your feet and having the cool ocean breeze sweep over your skin like the sweet soft touch of a beautiful lady protecting you from the heat of the bright warm sun is just an experience in itself. To think that a class assignment done just to attain a grade brought me here just gives me the morale to do more. Make more movies, do greater things. IT MAKES ME BELIEVE. Believe that its all worth it, that its not in vain. That the long hours holding up scorching lights, countless minutes spent analysing the next shot, sleepless nights battling writer’s block as i write a script, that all this things are worth it, that in the end i shall make it, that with a team of dedicated, hard working and motivated people you can make anything happen. Anyway i have to attend a workshop so we’ll catch up later.

14th July 2010 3;15pm
We just discovered the cheapest liquor store ever.Got a bottle of Jose Cuervo tequila for an equivalent of 800Ksh.Got some awesome sugarcane juice at the food court last night so Chris and I have this idea of making a ‘Coctail’ of sorts and see how that will go.Ryt now we are sitting at the bar at the africa hotel just lazing the day away.Festival program has been changed up so all the stuff we had to do today aint there.Really looking foward to dinner today.The whole experience of having watever you want as you watch the locals dive into th ocean is just phenomenal.Getting to look at yatchs side by side with commercial ships and seemingly minute dhows and other boats is also a sight to behold.Im kinda mellow right now so ill catch up with you later.
16th July 2010
At the Africa Hotel again.This place has become a favourite with the group.Our movie premiered today.The response was extremely positive.Hopefully the jury think the same.I was so nervous it aint even funny.The awards ceremony is tomorrow night.Aint even sure if ill make it.Hopefully we’ll get something outta hia but even if we dont,im fine with the much ive learnt.This is truely an awesome experience.We supposed to be going for a swedish connection workshop right now but the amount of laziness being shown by the group i doubt we going anywhere.The sun is out with a vengance leo.It makes the ocean look like one big pool of cool.Just wanna jump in and cool down.The blue darkening as the water becomes deeper is the very definition of beauty.Clearly we going for this thing.Mafans have stood up n are clearing the bill so i guess ill catch up with you later.

18th July 2010 10:23am
Just from having breakfast. The rave jana was insane.Went out with Chris and Nana coz Asher and Nabila were too tired to rhumbaa. Kidum’s performance was amazing. He played that Haturudi Nyuma song so many times i felt like it was a cryptic message. I honestly miss home. Much as this place is amazing, i miss the people who make life worthwhile to me (Myles, Mum, Joy, Kama, Dad) Much as we don’t always see eye to eye on issues, guess they mean the world to me. Im headed for a swim so ill holla later. think ill just write the whole memoir series when i get home cause i keep on getting cut of every time i wanna write anything prolific.


One response to “Memoirs from Zanzibar

  1. Damn!!!!!! As in reading this i felt like i was right there in Zanzibar, the indian ocean breeze cooling my sun kissed skin. The imagery is amazing! I wanna go to Zanzibar now 😀 is Mr. Man reading this,lol! Even when i was there, i didnt experience it like this. This is beautiful Kevin!

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